Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge Continues

Well, my Packers are Superbowl Champs!  How about that? What an exciting ride! I hadn’t updated this blog since the divisional championships, so I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting it. Guess I should not worry about it… my Free Shipping Challenge hasn’t seen much success. I really thought it would be a fun, and easy, way to offer free shipping, but few people seem interested in the interaction. What do you think? Am I asking too much? Would you take that extra step to save a few dollars?

For any new readers, here’s the scoop…

Shop my Flea’s Field store at OnlineAuction.com. If you choose trading cards valued at $2 or more, simply send me an omail with a correct  trivia challenge answer, and I will ship your order to you for free. You only pay the fixed price of the cards. The questions have been more fun than challenging, but some sports fans may have to rely on a search engine to find the answer!

It’s time to toss out another Challenge Question and who better to focus upon than my Green Bay Packers? So here we go!

The Green Bay Packers have won 4 Superbowls.
Who were the starting quarterbacks for those games?


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