Who Do The White Sox Fans Root For Now?

I’m sad. The Chicago White Sox 2010 Season is over, and with it go my hopes of seeing my local sluggers vying for another World Series title. Into the off-season we go, fidgeting in our seats a bit as we realize that it’ll soon be time for personnel changes and roster reorganization. (Oh gawd… please, don’t let go of Paulie!) But before we squirm, let’s take a quick look back at a +500 year that our team should be proud of. And look to the immediate future, because there’s still exciting baseball to be played, albeit our rivals! Who do the White Sox fans root for now?

Admittedly, in years past I have cheered on the New York Yankees in the postseason, however this year, I think I will change my tune.  (Sorry , Derek!) Here’s how my fantasy postseason will go…

American League: The Rays beat the Rangers and the Twins beat the Yankees, with the Twins finishing strong against the Rays and heading to the World Series.

National League: The Phillies beat the Reds and the Braves beat the Giants, with the Braves battling it out against the Phillies and ultimately advancing to the World Series.

The Twins win the World Series,  in 7 games, I might add.

Why do I want this? Jim Thome. There’s no other reason. I want to see him get a ring before he retires.  Don’t you love that guy? And I’d like to see Joe Mauer shine in the playoffs. Interesting story about this fabulous catcher… he was very fortunate to be signed by his hometown team, and thus, has had the support of his grandparents at every home game. How sweet is that!

Now Delmon Young, that’s another story. He proved to me what a jerk he is on August 17th, 2010, when he bull-dozed AJ Pierzynski! I guess the idiot has a bit of a temper … look at the video I found from 2009. Still, I can pick the Twins to win it all. Every family deserves a black sheep.

In an impressive 88-74 season, the White Sox had plenty of memorable moments.

How about Andruw Jones blasting his 400th career home run?

Or Juan Pierre leading the league with 68 stolen bases?

I could go on, but you get the idea… this year was really fun! Looking back at an old blog post from before the season started, I was whooping it up because Omar Vizquel had been signed. Not one to disappoint, Omar had a great year, and even Ozzie was quoted as saying he’d like to have this veteran back next year! In that post I was looking forward to watching Jake Peavy, too, so I hope we actually get a chance to see him next year. Gavin Floyd, too, I hope will be healthy and bringing his fantastic arm back to US Cellular Field.

So buck up, White Sox fans! As every Cub Fan is fond of saying, We’ll get ’em next year!

Tell me, who are you picking for the World Series Champs this year? Post your comment below, and if anyone calls it right, I’ll offer up a prize. (If there’s more than one comment that is correct, we’ll have a drawing.) Comments for the prize will only be accepted through October 10th, at midnight CST. I really want to know everyone’s choice, but especially the south-siders… who do the White Sox fans root for now???


It’s Baseball Season Again!

Who’s ready for baseball season?

I am really looking forward to watching my team, the Chicago White Sox! Our ace, Mark Buehrle, is set to kick off the 2010 season this Monday, at 1:05pm CST, versus the Cleveland Indians. And stepping in at shortstop this year, we’ve got Omar Vizquel! Maybe you’ll say that I favor the older, experienced players too much, over the younger guys, but I gotta tell ya… I’ve been a fan of Omar Vizquel’s for years, and am really happy that he’s brought his experience, athleticism and positive attitude to Chicago.

My favorite pitchers are still with the White Sox. In addition to Buehrle, I am rather fond of Gavin Floyd and Freddy Garcia! And be honest now, don’t ya just love watching Bobby Jenks? Jake Peavy is a new addition this year, and I think he’ll be one to keep an eye on.

A J Pierzynski and Paul Konerko are always personal and fan favorites. And personally, I am expecting great years out of both Gordon Beckham and Carlos Quentin. How about you?

Batter up! We’re ready!

If you can’t wait until Monday, you can always catch the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox tomorrow night, on ESPN2! Hmmmm…. good thing Desperate Housewives isn’t on! It may be a Derek Jeter night. 🙂

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