FleasField Free Shipping Challenge as of 10/29/10

I missed changing the Free Shipping Challenge question for last week due to a nasty cold… sorry! It’s that time of year, I guess, and everyone seems to be battling coughs and sniffles. Let’s hope, if you’re suffering, too, that you are able to lie on the couch and watch the MLB postseason!

I was totally blown out of the water on my postseason picks! How about you? Admittedly, my heart was governing my choices, but who would have thought the Texas Rangers would look so lively in the playoffs? And then move on to look so lack-luster in the World Series! I am definitely chuckling, (good-naturedly, of course). It’s not over yet, however! Can they make a home-field come-back? I think not, but I can hardly wait to find out.

So let’s toss out another baseball question,
in honor of the San Francisco Giants!

The Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge Question,
as of 10/29/10:

In baseball, what is IRS?

A correct trivia answer will qualify you for Free Shipping on any trading card order of $2 or more, at Flea’s Field!
Detailed instructions can be found in my original post.

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Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge 10/14/10 to 10/20/10

It’s time to post a new question for the Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge!

This week, we’ll stick with baseball, even though my 2010 Postseason picks have been thoroughly thrashed. (At least the Phillies played as I expected!) I’m still enjoying watching baseball into October, however, and hope that you are, too. Who are you rooting for? Yes, yes, I am wearing that Yankee hat now.

To qualify for Free Shipping on trading cards at Flea’s Field, my OnlineAuction.com store, simply omail me the correct trivia challenge answer for that week! Detailed instructions, if you need ’em,  can be found here.

So, without further adieu, here’s the challenge question for 10/14/10 to 10/20/10!

Who holds the MLB record for most stolen bases in a career, with 1406?

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Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge 10/7/10 to 10/13/10

It’s time for another trivia question in
the Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge!

Each week I’ll post a new trivia question on this blog…
to qualify for Free Shipping on trading card orders of $2 or more at Flea’s Field,  simply omail me the correct trivia answer!
Detailed instructions can be found in my original blog post.

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This Week’s Trivia Question:

Who won the
NL Cy Young Award
in 1984?

It’s Baseball Season Again!

Who’s ready for baseball season?

I am really looking forward to watching my team, the Chicago White Sox! Our ace, Mark Buehrle, is set to kick off the 2010 season this Monday, at 1:05pm CST, versus the Cleveland Indians. And stepping in at shortstop this year, we’ve got Omar Vizquel! Maybe you’ll say that I favor the older, experienced players too much, over the younger guys, but I gotta tell ya… I’ve been a fan of Omar Vizquel’s for years, and am really happy that he’s brought his experience, athleticism and positive attitude to Chicago.

My favorite pitchers are still with the White Sox. In addition to Buehrle, I am rather fond of Gavin Floyd and Freddy Garcia! And be honest now, don’t ya just love watching Bobby Jenks? Jake Peavy is a new addition this year, and I think he’ll be one to keep an eye on.

A J Pierzynski and Paul Konerko are always personal and fan favorites. And personally, I am expecting great years out of both Gordon Beckham and Carlos Quentin. How about you?

Batter up! We’re ready!

If you can’t wait until Monday, you can always catch the New York Yankees vs the Boston Red Sox tomorrow night, on ESPN2! Hmmmm…. good thing Desperate Housewives isn’t on! It may be a Derek Jeter night. 🙂

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