The Flea’s Field Free Shipping Challenge – Week 3

So here we are, already at Week 3 of
The Flea’s Field Shipping Challenge!

Each week I’ll post a different sports-related trivia question.
To qualify for free shipping at Flea’s Field,
your trading card order must total $2 or more,
and you must omail me the correct
trivia challenge answer for that week.

Omail is the in-house messaging system in place at Online Auction.
Registration for a buying account at OLA is FREE!

Once you’re signed up,
look towards the top right corner of the home page,
and locate the words Account Manager.
When you hover your mouse over those words,
a drop-down menu will appear,
where you can click on the word Omail.

Once your order is placed, please answer the trivia question
and wait for an invoice from me!
Please note that your invoice will arrive in
your OMAIL, (not your email).

For your convenience, I offer numerous payment options,
like Google Checkout, Paypal, and RME,
as well as personal checks and money orders.
Payment is expected within 7 days of order placement.
Orders will ship on the next business day.

This week, we’re back to baseball!
And I’ll even toss you an easy one…

This Weeks Trivia Challenge Question:

In 2009, who threw out the first
regular season pitch at the new Yankee Stadium?

Good luck!

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